Day 16 – Feel Alive

Feel Alive 

I speak for the trees,
For the bedrock, for the clays and the sands and the soils,
For the water.

For the interplay of nature,
For the way the rivers gain and lose,
For base flow and glacial till,
For the roots of the forest,
For the carbon, the nitrogen, the salts.

For the cycles,
For the beauty.

For accepting that death feeds life,
For how the plants recycle into nutrients for new organisms to grow.

For growing tall in the sunlight,
For the atmosphere,
For the very simple things that keep the world turning and the wind blowing and all of us,

I speak for the balance,
For nature,
For the cycles that make me feel less alone in this world,
For the understanding that you can never really create life, but you can never really destroy it, either.

I speak for the sunshine,
For condensation nuclei and thunderstorms,
For the things that live beneath our feet and all around us.

I speak for those things without voices.

You make me feel alive.


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