June First

June First

Today is June first,
And I can still see you,
Sitting at your desk at the old house,

I put my athletic watch on,
And I know you are proud of me,
I carry you in my heart wherever I go.

You understood time better,
Than any of us could,
Especially when the hands went quiet,
And stopped.

Today is June first,
And 613 hundred times the hour hand has chimed since you left us.
I will always smile for you,
And every time the sun meets the horizon I know you smile back.

Today is June first,
And we miss you,
Our watchmaker.




The wind blows,
And I sit here,
Watching the trees bloom.

It is the last time I will sit by this window,
That has seen so much change,
In seasons,
In time,
In me.

It has been a long year,
And this window,
Has seen struggle and triumph,
Sun and rain and snow and clouds and sun again,
Rising and falling.

Things come full circle,
And as a summer comes from spring,
We grow, and live, and change.

We walk out into the sunlight,
Hearts against the wind,
Souls alight.