Day 7 – Storms

Day 7 – Storms

I know you watch me,
As I walk away.

I’m glad you do,
And my pride causes me to stand up straighter and let my hair seem longer as it falls over my shoulders.

In my heart I know that I should be kind and let it go,
But it still feels good to make you miss what you’ve lost.

I think,
I’m glad I swam that extra 50,
I’m glad I look as good as I do tonight.

But then part of me tells the rest that finally,
What’s past is past.

I will always look,
But you are a part of person that is slowly losing touch with who I am today.
It is easy now.

I know that a part of my heart will always reach for you,
but she is memories stitched into sinews I will carry with me as a lesson.

I am my own,
For a night in the dark when I barely see your face as you pass me.

I smile and I let myself live,
And I marvel because I can weather a storm without you, and be happy.


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