‘Twas the Night Before Her Chem Exam

‘Twas the Night Before Her Chem Exam

‘Twas the night before her chem exam, and Anna was studying, my goodness, the formulas were so similar and stunning.

But oh! A new thing! Oh yes, it was true! The deltas were changes, the sigmas bonds too. But the little degree signs, they were confuzzling.

She looked in her notes, and her cards had no answer, the hour was late and the material denser.

Those signs! What were they! Her glasses were slipping, then oh! In the textbook the answer was sitting.

The degree signs mean standard! And joy soon arose, for the formulas made sense, and the chapter could close.

So Anna sat back and practiced thermodynamics with glee, for her score could be thirty and not twenty three. 


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