Things end.

They break you apart and fill you with bitterness, a thousand lost words and hopes and futures.

Picking up the pieces,
Is so hard, hugging a sweater around you as if the ones who threw those punches to your soul,
Cannot see the cracks.

We wait and we wait and time passes,
Seasons change,
And other things begin to eclipse those that seem like darts thrown messily into a bar cork board.


Patience, gracefulness, 
A chance encounter and you know you have been changed for the better.

You look out from your well and you see daylight,
realize the sun has been touching you with warmth and comfort,
Longer than you knew.

Life does not ask you to forget that things end,
Or the pain in your heart for nostalgia.

But flowers grow and hands will grasp yours, pull you up.

Life begins again, even as the days get shorter and colder. 

Things end.
And like the Phoenix, 
From those endings,

stronger, wiser, happier,

We begin.


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