I Am, Part 2

I Am, Part 2

I am this girl. 

This girl who still loves the sunsets,
But has learned to dance in the rain. 
This girl, who fights for her family, headstrong, a knight and a princess. 
A fish, who will always keep swimming,
Awkwardly beautiful,
Brown eyes sincere,
This girl, who dreams of saving the world, 
Head in the clouds, reaching for the sunshine in the horizon. 
This girl, who has learned her lessons,
Held her head high,
Become strong. 

I am this girl.
And she is capable of writing her own story. 




Pushed into a box.

Can’t do this, 
Or that. 
Must be so careful, 
Tie your life up into ribbons and hold them tight. 

Second guessing,
Left to scrutinize and criticize, 
Cover the footprints I leave in the snow. 

Pushed into a box. 

I am like a lion,
Not meant to be contained. 




I break a promise made to help lock up my heart. 

And yet, I know there is no better way out than through. 

Letting go is so hard, but clutching onto the balloon strings push redness into my hands,

And eventually, the pain of holding on is more than the pain of letting go. 

So I will step back and watch the colors as they float into a cold blue sky, 

Wondering what will become of memory, of snippets of time. 

My heart is lighter, but the process is slow, and I have miles to go before I sleep. 

Today I let the balloons go, in a clearing of wood and trees and happy things, 

Take the lessons learned and release the mix of feelings, the sadness and the euphoria.

I will travel my roads, and if our paths cross, I will hold my head high and smile, 

let the sun and the poems and the stories warm me,

Help me, to live and let go.

This New Year

This New Year

This new year, I wish for peace. 

For roots to take hold and grow into flowers,

For the sky to be sunny, and the waters clear for sailing.

I wish for blessing, for the seasons to come and go,

To accept what I cannot change and face what I fear with a smile.

I have high hopes for this new year, 

For the chances, for the changes, for the hope it brings me, 

Knowing that time moves like the waves do, a constant motion, rolling forward, forward, forward. 

It is time to take the breath before the plunge. 

Walk forward, and don’t look back.