An Ode to You

An Ode to You

The world is quiet.
Essays are written, midnight snack consumed, the blinds are shut. 
Still, I wonder.
If I’ll be ready, someday, to let you a little way back in.
Sometimes, I miss your touch, your care.
 And others I bang my head up against the wall in anger trying to forget you.
Someday, the nostalgia will be at peace,
The chapter that begins and ends with you will sit on my bookshelf covered in dust.
Still, slowly but surely, my heart doesn’t stutter as much when I see you, and your name won’t come up in conversation.
We never said it was over, but we never said I love you either.
So on a Monday night when the world is calm,
I will let the tears come and someday, someday, someday, 
This ache will hurt less, and less, and with each morning the sun rises and greets us.
The leaves change and people change and I move on like the seasons do.
This is an ode to change, and to seasons, and to the last one,
I will write,
To you.