The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away

I don’t know sometimes,

If I want someone,
Or if I just want the potential.
I want a love song on the radio,
A message,
I am the girl who can hold her head high and say,
I am strong.

The Way You Hold Tonight

The Way You Hold Tonight

Things become real tonight.

The moon glows and the stars twinkle,
But I’m alone in a world of thoughts,
Memories and constellations.
The buildings are so familiar,
Home in the woods,
My little bubble, an oasis draped in wood and comfort.
I’ve been in my head and in my little world,
Needing a cleansing, needing a fresh start.
Take me home tonight and be gentle with my soul, comfort my spirit.
Today, you become real.
Tomorrow, I reach for sunshine,
Moving in, and moving on.