Things to Think About

Things to Think About

Tonight is a bad night,
Too idle,
Enough to let my thoughts collide
And my heart burn with unsaid fears.
I’m so scared of losing,
But also myself in the roller coaster.
I don’t want to fall back,
Into the people I’ve been.
But my hair grows longer as the days do,
and I can’t help myself but smile,
That good things are coming,
Along with the sunshine. 
In my heart of hearts, 
I wonder if I’m making mistakes.
But in my bones,
I know, the sun is coming.
Sure as laughter,
Splashes of color,
And light.

The Tempest

The Tempest

Finishing a story,
Putting the cover back on a book.
A part of me wants to stay in the adventure forever,
Hold you close and let you comfort me.
The pages flutter,
The notes collect,
And a semester’s worth of love and dreams and hope for a better tomorrow,
Is woven into your pages.
Today I close the chapter,
With a smile.
Today, I am the stuff dreams are made on,
set me free. 

Spring Fling

Spring Fling

I took risks.
Ran around in the sunshine,
Enjoyed the simplicities,
Playing along the air.
But today,
Is not today,
Without all of you.
I smile, because you are my friends.
Thank you.

Day 31 (sort of)

Hello, all my lovely readers! Thank you for following my challenge and reading my work. I’ve successfully written a poem a day for all 30 days of April, and I’m super proud. However, I feel like this blog is still growing.

I’ve been debating for a few weeks about what to do after April ends and the challenge is over. I think I saw this continuing past April when I first came up with the idea, but I didn’t want to be too ambitious (being a college student is busy work.) Therefore, I’m going to keep posting poems as much as I can – maybe not daily, but we’ll see. I’m excited to see this grow and myself to grow as a writer. 

Thank you again for following this challenge, and happy reading of poems to come!


Day 30 – Shadows in the Sunshine

Shadows in the Sunshine

It’s dark and quiet now,
Too much space inside my mind to think.
Be scared, 
Of tomorrow, of the future.
I know I have nothing to worry about,
But today there are shadows in the sunshine.
I hope for a better world.
But today,
I mustn’t give up,
and smile.