Day 15 – Best Friends at Boston College

Before posting today’s poem, I’d like to say something. What happened today at the Boston Marathon is awful, and I don’t understand how someone can have it in their heart to be capable of taking so many lives.This poem is inspired by today’s events. While on the phone with my mom to find out if my family who live in the Boston area was okay, my mom mentioned how my best friend, who attends college in Boston, was okay too. My heart just dropped and I nearly cried in my school’s library – I cannot imagine life without her and today was a huge wake up call to that fact. Anyway, without further ado:

Best Friends at Boston College

Stomach dropping and tears rushing to my eyes.
I realize you could have been gone today,
and my world stops. 
I love our memories,
Our love,
How you’re the only one who can really give me my faith back. 
I could not live without you by my side,
Even if you’re miles away,
And all i have is a phone that’s dying and a text message that needs to be sent.
You are my rock in a field of wildflowers,
A hand to fill the empty spaces in my heart. 
I love you, and I’m so glad you’re here. 

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